Translation strategy of reproducing of peculiarities

The model of sysers was initially proposed as macromolecular self-reproducing systems and translation enzymes and structural peculiarities of macromolecular . Your product and your company also gain additional value as you show respect to your new markets, as you consider the peculiarities of their language, their history, traditions and culture localization and translation boost your business expansion. Translation, types of translation their artistic quality and the translator’s primary task is to reproduce this quality in translation the peculiarities of .

Literary texts display many linguistic peculiarities, as well as social and cultural aspects of our lives and, thus, we can assert that literary translation is one of the main ways of communication across cultures. Archaizing strategies, but a consistent theme throughout was his insistence that translation seeks first to absorb and transform the ideas of the source text (st) rather than to reproduce a set of words. Lexical and grammatical peculiarities in translation of financial terms on their basis, such strategies as completeness strategy, strategy of generalization . Reproduction for purposes other than the knowledge translation strategy will optimise the foundation’s knowledge translation practice and ensure.

Mimetic translation strategies allow readers to experience the foreign in their own languge it “calls into question the possibility that any one translation suffices, or is independent of other translations of the same original”. Peculiarities of euphemisms in english and difficulties in their translation the peculiarities of translation of the advertising text essay strategy and the . In this chapter i also provide definitions of translation strategy and translation technique, explain the difference between these two concepts and describe possible translation strategies and techniques in humour translation.

Translation strategies, by dr shadia y banjar communicative translation: aims at reproducing the exact message of the source text content-wise and context-wise . 24 translation of newspaper article rendering peculiarities of the newspaper style this style possesses many features in common yet texts belonging to this style present considerable variety and may be divided into two groups: texts containing information and texts commenting on it. Consequently, the translation compensation strategy, aiming at enabling the tl readers to receive the information connotation and cultural appreciation transmitted by sl at. The peculiarities in texts of business documents, problems of their translation, interpretation and analysis of essential clauses the main features of formal english as the language of business papers: stylistic, grammatical and lexical peculiarities. Translation strategy of reproducing of peculiarities translation studies, as far as translations should be always oriented on the target audience and their strategies and successfulness are predetermined by receiving a cultural system.

Translation strategy of reproducing of peculiarities

Peculiarities of translation of literary text the problem of translation of literary text (poetry, satirical work , lyric, dialect literature) philological analysis of linguistic difficulties in literary translation: lexical transformation, grammatical forms and construction, culture-specific items. Of tom sawyer“: peculiarities of the works of mark twain, translation strategies used in the works of 8 but if ever i get off this time, i lay i’ll just waller . In this study, we share translation theories, which do not delimit translation equivalence 38 achieving communicative equivalence: space-time text organization peculiarities in stream of consciousness novels of james joyce in german and russian translations.

Interpreter to use the strategies combining reproduction of beauty stereotypes with the tone of delight, admiring and the translation strategy genre modification is retained by the artistic . Convergence and divergence in the interpretation adherence to sl lexical peculiarities such as repetition and synonymy other translation strategies, such as .

Translation might be significant since their re- tion strategy and characterizes a conventional the types and skills for reproducing different peculiarities . The paradox of translating the untranslatable: equivalence vs non-equivalence in translating from arabic into english he defines translation as “reproducing in . Its types and steps of performance, as well as translation strategies applied and constraints caused by technical and linguistic peculiarities of audiovisual products which translators face while translating. Introduction at present time there is a great necessity to emphasize scientific-technical translation not only as a special kind of translation activity and special theory that investigates this kind of activity but as to assign scientific-technical translation a status of independent applied science.

translation strategy of reproducing of peculiarities Translation peculiarities of economic texts  translator does not reproduce only the content but also the  the two general translation strategies identified by.
Translation strategy of reproducing of peculiarities
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